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What is the Happy Place Challenge?

It’s a Mindfulness practice and Gratitude journal all wrapped into one!

What is a “Happy Place”? 

A happy place is anything or anyone that makes you smile, laugh or feel good!
It can literally be anything, and the smaller the better.

What’s the Challenge?

Every day for the next 30 days you document at least 1 “happy place” every day.

Snap a pic or jot down a note, then share it in our private challenge group.

Get support and encouragement from our friendly, and uplifting community.

Why should I take the challenge? 

It can make you happier.

It can make you nicer.

It can increase your creativity.

It can make you more optimistic.

It can make you more appreciative.

It can decrease anxiety.

It can decrease depression.

and so much more…

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